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  • asimkumar

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  • My two APU4D4s are currently on BIOS and working fine, but I see that there have been some important fixes in the 4.14.x series. While reviewing the upgrade instructions, there is a note about 'preserving the runtime configuration' during the…
  • jcarnat


    I’m investigating into adding NAS services (samba, nextcloud) and extra storage to my APU4D4.

    First question is about the case. If I plug a SATA disk to the SATA connector, how I am supposed to install the disk? It seems it won’t fit inside the…
  • pietrushnic

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    Hi Andy,
    we didn't selected WoltLab as engine for forum, but we have to deal with it. From our experience with this engine your account should start to work after some time 24h (?). After some time people registered were able to create threads and reply…
  • hz66

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    Hi there,

    same for me, I just registered for this forum with the intent to post a question, but I am unable.

    The user functions (control panel and such) are working, but as soon as one enters the forum area the software looses the account auth and…
  • dsrebnick

    Replied to the thread APU2 MCE.
    Thanks for the response Michał. Reading the coreboot issue, it seems to also represent what I'm experiencing. It would be nice to get to the bottom of it!
  • miczyg

    Replied to the thread No EEPROM/flash device found.
    Interesting... I have encountered this problem only once when I did know the SPI flash was broken and couldn't flash it with the internal programmer.

    Could you please attach a verbose log from flashrom?
    "flashrom -w /tmp/apu2_v4.14.0.3.rom -p…
  • miczyg

    Replied to the thread APU2 MCE.
    It is actually hard to tell. We have encountered such errors in other apu owners reports, typically it was a BSD system and the problem was Core Performance Boost. When it comes to Linux, such MCEs are rather rare, thus it is difficult to say what is the…
  • dsrebnick

    Posted the thread APU2 MCE.
    I'm configuring an APU2 (2 GB RAM, 3 ports) with OpenWRT 20.02.0. I have updated to the latest mainline firmware and have had some stability issues. I have turned off core performance boost. After being up for a few hours, I received the following…
  • JM0813

    Posted the thread No EEPROM/flash device found.
    I have a problem with my APU2 card.
    I want to update it to version and I have the following error when I run the command:

    flashrom -w /tmp/apu2_v4.14.0.3.rom -p internal:boardmismatch=force

    Result :
    flashrom v1.0 on FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p29

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    1. What does 'preserve runtime configuration' mean when flashing the BIOS?

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