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  • PhotoJim

    I was able to figure things out, at last!

    I had two issues:
    - my cable was unkeyed (always get keyed cables :) ). Once I hooked it up right, it worked a lot better. :)
    - the Alix only uses a single PATA channel, so anything connected to the connector has to be…
  • Hello everyone,
    We want to express our deepest gratitude to all respondents who took the time to complete our survey. Your valuable feedback has contributed significantly to understanding the community's needs and preferences. We have closed the survey…
  • pietrushnic

    Replied to a comment by nickheim on pietrushnic’s wall.
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    This is standard thing that many users faced. In most cases accounts work after 24h. I'm not sure why and can't seen anything in admin options to change that.

    Please contact support@pcengines.ch to solve the issue. We (3mdeb) no longer have capacity to…
  • nickheim

    Wrote a comment on pietrushnic’s wall.
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    Is there a problem with your mail server?
    I try to register for several days, but do not recive the activation mail.
  • Dear PC Engines hardware owners,
    We regret to announce that PC Engines, a provider of small and low-power servers for network security, wireless networking, and embedded applications, has discontinued its sponsorship for open-source firmware. Although…

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    1. Alix 2D3 (and presumably 2D13) - use of IDE/PATA alongside CF 2

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