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  • stupiduser

    Replied to the thread WLE600VX, Arch Linux, and 5GHz.
    Hi Saucyfox,
    I had the same issue after upgrading an apu2 box from Ubuntu 20.04.5 towards 22.04.1. Suddenly my 5 Gb AP did not work anymore.

    Some research shows the regulatory issue. APs in the 5GHz MUST work according the ieee80211h standard. The wle600vx…
  • v1k4

    Replied to the thread Options to use APU4D4 as a NAS.
    Here's my APU NAS project.

    My goal was to have cheap, small and low power LXC/KVM/Docker setup mainly to be used as firewall, VPN gateway and NAS.

    -APU4D4 (FW v4.17.0.1)
    -MINI PCIE to NVMe M.2 (
  • luna

    Replied to the thread APU2 successor wishlist.
    My own request is for gigabit routing capability. I had to purchase one of those competitor machines instead of an APU because, to the best of my knowledge, APU devices don't have the power to route gigabit connections. And, with Comcast offering 6 Gbps…
  • ioh

    Wrote a comment on ioh’s wall.
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  • Dysmas

    The tinycore linux offered by Pcengines for the APU2 is excellent. But the applications are really minimalist. Tinycore has hundreds of applications ready, but there is a problem. All the tce commands (tce, tce-ab etc.) return the same message : Don't
  • bootit

    I've been using this setup on a very old Alix board for many years (don't know the specific model now).

    I think there was nothing special with it. Just connect it (try slave if master doesn't work), boot, and run blkid, there should be a /dev/sdb. lspci…
  • bootit

    Replied to the thread How to boot an APU2.
    rootwait and rootdelay= parameters don't help. The SD card root is either detected early enough or not at all.

    But a netconsole= parameter makes SD card detection "reliable", even if the network driver is not built-in and netconsole stops immediately. And…
  • bootit

    Posted the thread How to boot an APU2.

    I have an APU board, trying to describe it:

    PCEngines apu2
    coreboot build 20160307
    4080 MB ECC DRAM

    SeaBIOS (version ?-20160307_153453-michael-desktop64)
    Found mainboard PC Engines PCEngines apu2
    multiboot: eax=0, ebx=0
    boot order:


    it has 3 1G ethernet…
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    can you tell me every…
  • pbanasiak

    Replied to the thread APU3 PCI Express slot.
    Hi, rahlquist,
    there is a table about apu3 PCIe slots and their usage:

    J16 (mPCIe1)USB, PCIeUSB and Wifi modules
    J15 (mPCIe2)USB, SIM1only LTE modules
    J14 (mPCIe3/mSATA)mSATA, USB, SIM2mSATA disks and LTE modules
    About mPCIe speed you’re right - mini PCI-e…