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  • Hi there,

    same for me, I just registered for this forum with the intent to post a question, but I am unable.

    The user functions (control panel and such) are working, but as soon as one enters the forum area the software looses the account auth and treats me as an unregistered user.

    I suppose there is an issue with your scope configuration. When registering/using
    the user account is logged in while in the other areas the URI changes to
    where the user is not logged in anymore.

    Hope you can fix your BB configuration, I will send you my question by email meanwhile ;)


    • Hi Andy,
      we didn't selected WoltLab as engine for forum, but we have to deal with it. From our experience with this engine your account should start to work after some time 24h (?). After some time people registered were able to create threads and reply to posts. The problem with initial thread creation happen not only to you, but probably to anyone.

      OTOH it may be some misconfiguration. We will try to fix that on our side also, but make sure the delay not fixing stuff.

      Best Regards,
  • Hi
    I want to ask a question, but this forum doesn't let me.
    How does this work?

    • Hi @aba, we still trying to figure out how this forum works. It was not our choice to use this technology, but it seem to be better then previous one, so hopefully this would be incremental improvement.

      Let me see what we can do and I will get back to you.

      Best Regards,